Corrosion Monitoring systems and services

Corrosion Monitoring Services, India has a comprehensive portfolio of Corrosion Monitoring Products and Services that enable the integration of Engineering with Field services. This aspect has also helped the company to increase the capability in handling critical project demands. The company offers the combination of Engineering + Experience + Capability in a unique package. The company is continuously investing in new product design, new methods and in new training programs acquiring new skill sets

Our Product Range is as follows:

  • Access Fittings, Solid Plugs, Hollow Plugs, HD Covers ( CMS India Make)
  • Corrosion Coupons With Coupon Holders (All International And Indian Brands)
  • Corrosion Probes
  • Corrosion Transmitters (CMS India make)
  • Retractable And Fixed Type Of Injection Systems (CMS India make)
  • Side Spool Systems
  • Ultrasonic Pipeline Thickness Corrosion Monitoring System
  • Portable And Field Installed Data Loggers Corrosion Transmitters (CMS India make)